Combined Creative Space

Our three studios feature movable wall systems that allow you to join a combination of photography studio spaces for even more room to shoot and set-up.

Combining Studio 1 and Studio 2 is perfect for multiple and simultaneous still motion or motion shoot and set-ups. It includes 1 large CYC Studio and 1 blackout CYC Studio, make-up room, kitchenette, change room, controlled lighting photo studio and additional storage space. 

Combining Studio 2 and Studio 3 offers the flexibility for simultaneous shoots in both controlled lighting as well as natural lighting environments. It includes one blackout photo studio with CYC studio, movable walls and natural light.


Combining Studio 1 and Studio 3 caters for large crews or guests of more than 20 people. Studio 3 can be used as an event space featuring a large reception, lounge and catering. It can also be used as a space for natural light photography shoot. 

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